Evergreen Timbers - Timber Talk 12-04-20

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COVID vaccine approved in the United Kingdom!

Woohoo! COVID vaccine approved in the United Kingdom!

Woohoo!    Canada announces that we will have a vaccine approved within days….the vaccine will be in Canada around the 14th of December and in early January persons who live in Long Term Care Homes and staff will start to get the vaccine.  Fingers crossed – this is achievable!   We have light at the end of the tunnel.  A small glimmer- but defiantly a light!  However, we still have weeks and months ahead of us to be cautious, social distance and keep our bubble small.   


Here we are in December….our festive month.  Today we will begin to decorate outside, our angel, deer, bears and trees have been placed along the front of the building in hopes to bring on some much-needed Christmas Cheer. Unfortunately, inside decorations are needed to be kept at a minimum this year, due to disinfecting needs and social distancing.  Kim has a wonderful idea for the dining room, so please watch out next week for some colourful changes, albeit limited.


We have received direction from Fraser Health Authority as to expectations now - and as we move into the Christmas season.  Attached for your information is the guidance and expectations that are in place.  Essential outings are still permitted, even as our numbers increase.  Essential is the key word however and needs to be considered whenever one decides to venture out.  The entire province is under orders.  We have all been directed to limit our outings!


Groceries and toiletries are essential

Going for a walk while social distancing with a family member or friend is highly encouraged, especially in the beautiful weather we are experiencing.


Tim Hortons for a coffee is out of the question!

Do we need our nails coloured and polished – not essential.

Going to the home of a family member or friend will require 14 days isolation upon return.

Going out in the car with your family – not essential.


Christmas for all will be quiet this year.  We need to do our part and stay home!  It’s not easy, I know, I’m a grandmother too!  Christmas is for kids and the joy on their faces.   Thank goodness, for ZOOM, Skype, face chat, picture and videos.  Those will make it almost okay!


In recent days’ I have noticed many going out front and seeing family or friends outside of the hosted visits and some are receiving bags or parcels and by-passing protocol of all deliveries coming through the employees. Please try to understand and do follow the guidelines that have been put in place.  All these rules and guidelines are to keep you healthy and safe.   


Once again, a huge thank you to the employees who work very hard to provide your care and tend to your needs.  We are expected to follow these guidelines as well and our lives outside of work are not much different from yours.  With that   Still COVID free! Let’s hope it last.




Stay Safe…Stay strong